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What's In For You



If you are a gadget freak, we guarantee to steal your heart!


Every year, our company represents our country at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) that is held in Las Vegas and amidst cheers from patrons and our distributors every year we present to the public at least ten new gadgets that range from queer to the most required and functional.


The show stopper this year:


This year’s show stopper was one of a kind head gear that resembles a cap but is the combination of a music system with comprehensive fitness gadgets all rolled into one, a cap-like contraption stylishly worn around your forehead.The prints design chosen is Classic Burberry and premium sporting brands like Adidas, Reebok and Nike. The designs are unisexual and a cross between functionality and good looks.


Products you’ll love at price that your wallet will love:


While we do not compromise on the research and development and also our production quality, we believe in keeping our prices customer friendly because we know that there is a lot of competition out there and so when we want to stay ahead in this rat race we are content with the minimum margins that we can fleece in order to break even.Having said this, we offer you the best price challenge, where if you can proven that a similar product at even marginally lesser rate with valid warranty and documentation, we will reward you your product free of charge. That’s a promise. We are indeed proud to say that till date, we have never ever given out a single product for free even though out policy is the same from the first day of our establishment. This again proves the point that we have the best rates in our market!


Come, have a look!


But you will not be charged for ogling at our products really at our stores or on our websites. Come in now and have a peek at how technology can change your lives for real good!